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Surgery Partners is an industry leader in the management, development and acquisition of single and multi-specialty ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). Acting as a strategic business partner, we dedicate an experienced team of experts to help our ASCs grow and prosper, while assuring the best possible experience and outcomes for both patients and physicians.

As a testament to our success and expertise in ASC management, we recently increased the revenue of our Florida ASCs by employing a comprehensive managed care strategy. Over the last two years, we have renegotiated contracts with major payors in Florida and increased the value of the contracts by as much as 20%. This has equated to an increase in revenue of 5-10% for some of our ASCs in Florida.

Developing and executing an overall managed care strategy can lead to major revenue enhancement and overall improved financial performance of our ASCs. Our strategy is founded upon the principles of maximizing the revenue of all our managed care contracts, assuring that the ASC is getting paid what it should based on the contract, and monitoring the performance of managed care contracts to ensure the ASC is realizing projected revenue.

Executing our managed care strategy begins by reviewing our ASCs total book of business and managed care contracts. Using best-of-breed financial models, we assign a value to each contract based on payor case/mix and market dynamics, and then negotiate (or renegotiate) each contract to ensure maximum revenue generated for our ASC. An ongoing process, we employ a proactive stance on managed care contract negotiations to ensure the profitability of our ASCs.

Surgery Partners has extensive experience in every step of the managed care process, from defining the managed care strategy, to modeling the revenue impact of contracts to negotiating contracts. In fact, our negotiations with large national payors yield an average revenue pick-up of $200,000 per year per contract.

  • ASC #1
    • Acquired ASC with EBITDA of $565,000
    • Improved EBITDA margin from 28% to 45% through better purchasing, management and coding
    • Added additional surgeons
    • Two years later, EBITDA exceeded $1.0 million
  • ASC #2
    • Acquired $428,000 in EBITDA and 24% EBITDA margins
    • Renovated center
    • Syndicated to five doctors
    • Six years later, EBITDA is over $1.0 million with EBITDA margins of 46%